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[Review] The Other Boy - Hailey Abbott

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Title of Book: The Other Boy
Author: Hailey Abbott
Publisher: HarperTeen
Genre: Teen, Young-Adult Romance
English Novel

Sinopsis :
Maddy's Boy Pros & Cons . . .

Brian--Super cute / hangs with my friends / goes to my high school / my boyfriend!

David--Says I'm a spoiled princess / hates my friends / has amazing blue eyes / cooked me an unbelievable dinner / annoyingly irresistible!

Summer for Maddy Sinclaire starts as a blur of house parties and dips in the pool--until she's caught throwing an unauthorized beachside bash. As punishment, her parents send her off to Napa Valley, where she'll spend her free time working on the family vineyard. Even with her boyfriend, Brian, miles away, Maddy's about to discover that the vineyard is a very romantic place. It's vast, sunny, magical . . . and there's another boy just waiting to steal her heart.


“David, you’re my true love, why did we wait so long to get together? I don’t care what the world says. Let’s defy them all, my darling.” – 245 (Maddy’s mind)

A city girl, a summer’s boy, a summer holiday an unexpected summer holiday. I often read stories like that. That’s quite clich√©. But I still enjoyed that.

Maddy, is a fifteen girl and soon to be high school senior after that summer. But, all the plan on a lovely summer vocation, dispersed. When, his parents sent her to the Napa Valley—her parents’ vineyard. She really hates the situation. That means, She must leave her boyfriend, Brian and friends—of course. To go a few mill away from San Francisco. It’s like HELL for Maddy. A spoiled princess.

But in Napa, isn’t as bad as she thinks. She learn a lot of things. Learn to be independent and learn about what the meaning of life and maybe love. With David, a boy with the curly blond hairs and brown eyes. Even she has a boyfriend in the city. Maddy slowly starts to fall in love with David. Especially with David characters: sweet, cute and funny. Her heart steals.

I liked that part by the way:

This is the moment, she thought. “I have something to tell you, too. When we were in the kitchen?” 
“I really wanted you to kiss me.” 
David let out his breath audibly and grinned. 
“Really?” He sounded hopeful and disbelieving at the same time. 
“Yeah.” He looked into her eyes and lifted her chin. She took a deep breath as he tilted his head toward her and pressed his lips to hers softly. He drew his head back and looked at her face. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” 
“Me too,” Maddy whispered. She leaned toward him and turned so that she could put her arms around his shoulders. His arms wrapped around her waist and they kissed again, more deeply this time. His lips were hot and insistent. She opened her mouth and lost herself in their kiss, sending jumps and shivers all through her body. Slowly, still kissing, they slid down so that they were lying on the blanket, their bodies pressed together from shoulder to hip, their legs entwined. David kissed Maddy’s neck and she closed her eyes and let her head fall back onto the blanket. He pulled her tighter against him and they lay holding each other under the stars, listening to the lapping of the water, not saying much—but then again, not much needed to be said.—Pg. 243

Hahahaha :p


Although this story included the usual way because I often read stories like this. But I quite enjoyed it because this story have an easy style of language. I liked David and Maddy chemistry. It was enough to make me get into the story.

Oh ya, another one, I really love the cover, cute XD. It makes me easy to imagine the characters of Maddy and David.

Hm, but I’m very confused to put this story into what genre? Teen or Young-Adult? Hm ... fifteen years old Maddy. It’s teen right? But from the way the story feels like a young adult. Maybe both of them. Haha.
Well… 3,5 stars actually J

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